The Need For Professional Business Cleaning Services

Many studies over time have shown the role a clean office plays in employee productivity and business results. An office desk can contain about 400 times the germs compared to a washroom. Yes I know, it really makes one cringe. In no indirect way, this can lead to employee absenteeism and lost working days. As a business owner, that is not something you look forward to. With proper arrangements for your business cleaning services, this can be easily remedied. As you continue to read this article, the benefits of professionalism in facilities maintenance will become clear.


Up To 400 Times More Germs Than The Washroom


We continue to provide to clients like you business cleaning services for more than a decade, across the Greater Toronto Area. As a business, you work hard to create the best market positioning for your brand and products. With professional commercial cleaning services, you can catapult this image. You can demonstrate the value you bring to your customers via your products by projecting a clean and hygienic workplace.


For Business Cleaning Services, We Cover:



Excelling In Competence

Just imagine the peace of mind our team of reliable, trained and professional cleaning and maintenance staff will bring you. With maintenance matters taken care of, you can focus on the real objectives of your business and personal life. With a professional commercial janitorial service to respond to your business’ changing requirements, you can be sure your visitors will be impressed with the cleanliness of your office. Do you think that closing the deal from that point forward might just be that bit easier?


An Environmentally Conscious Cleaning Service

As a recommended commercial service, we go a few steps further than the cheaper guys. We deep clean. Our staff cleans behinds monitors and file cabinets. They are trained to notice the little details and to get to them. We also help companies to recycle. The recycling program you have in place to help the environment is the program we strictly follow. We make the effort to separate cardboard and paper and plastic, just like our staff does at their respective homes as responsible citizens.

We also prefer to use environmentally sensitive cleaning products to clean your office. The majority of chemicals used in the cleaning industry end up in the water supply and by extension into the soil and the food you eat. We are aware of that. As a result, we try our best to, for example, clean carpets with green chemicals. We use cleaning products that do not have strong smells and yet are effective in getting the job done. Hydrogen peroxide is one such example of the cleaning product we use.


Professional Cleaning Services: Your Best Card In the Hand

Your office is a reflection of your business and by extension, you. You want and, to be honest, need to put forward the best image to your clients and to the best talent you can hire. These are in no small way, the drivers of your business. A clean office conveys trust and respect to all. If you need to make sure that you get the best value for your cleaning budget and then some, call us for a visit to assess your current cleaning arrangements.


Professional cleaning is the best

We will go through the cleaning arrangements you have at the moment and give you our honest opinion. It does happen that you have your business cleaning services set up right. And if that is the case, we are happy to have met. In the case that this is not the case and improvements are required, we will suggest them. Where you go from there is your choice. You can choose to continue from where you are or you can choose to give us the opportunity to show how we help our clients.


Call us today for a no obligation, free assessment of your current cleaning arrangements. You will be happy you did.

Author: Z Dharamsey

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