The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

The conversation about the benefits of carpet cleaning is actually a conversation about why have your carpets cleaned regularly by a professional. At times, this conversation often extends to why have carpets in the first place but that is a discussion for another time.

Often, the main reason for having your carpet cleaned is aesthetics. Of course, the look and beauty of your carpet are important but the benefits of having your carpets professionally extend quite a bit further.

The Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

We are constantly bringing the outside…inside, mainly via foot traffic but also via the air circulating and ventilation. So, what are the health benefits of carpet cleaning?

Remove Indoor Pollutants

Dirty carpets retain dust, dirt, pollutants, insect allergens (remains) and pet dander, to name a few. Even gasses, which can be toxic, can bond to the carpet fibers. Foot traffic tends to release the dust, allergens, and even the gasses into the air . . . the air we breathe. Yes, even vacuuming can do this (even if the vacuum has a powerful filter) as no filter blocks 100% of anything.

With professional carpet cleaning equipment, unlike the DIYs consumers can rent at a hardware store, the high-temperature steam and pretreatment chemical kills the bacteria and mites, the agitation loosens the dirt and the high power suction wand removes the deeply embedded particulate matter – dirt, pet dander, insect remains, etc., – as well as the pretreatment chemical.  Removal of the chemical is as important as the removal of the dust and allergens and I am sure you will agree.



This removal of pollutants maintains a high level of indoor air quality and adds look and life to your carpet. A maintained carpet is easier to keep clean over a longer period of time and a regularly cleaned carpet maintains its look over its life.

Prevention is better than cure so don’t wait for allergens and pollutants to build up and start affecting your health before you take action. Besides, I don’t really know of a truly accurate way of measuring such particles so err on the side of caution and just keep a regular carpet cleaning schedule with your guy.

Most companies can design a package for you if you are a regular customer. That’s another way of saying they can give you a lower price for services if you buy from them frequently. Well, take advantage of the opportunity.

The Economic Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is often used to enhance the look of a room or space. It makes an area look posh and even cozy. You simply cannot give the look of ‘posh’ if the carpet is stained and dirty and if you have a cozy area please don’t encourage dusty cozy. In every way, a soiled carpet will certainly defeat the look you are shooting for.

Have the carpet cleaned regularly to remove the soils as well as the stains. Spots and stains tend to spread, especially if organic. I know, sounds scary.  So cut the evil, as it were, and be proactive, before they do permanent damage.

Furthermore, it is important to note that some stains are definitely permanent and cannot be removed. They can be lightened but often times not without damage to the carpet itself. An example of such a stain is a permanent marker as well as ink stains. You can often use a hack (nail polish remover) for this but depending on the carpet, you might cause more visual damage than repair.

Bed bugs

If you were not lucky enough to have tile carpet installed, you might be able to patch the carpet. This may or may not be very expensive but can come with the issue of a visible color difference between the patch and the existing carpet.

Company Image

Needless to mention that a clean office gives a positive impression and message to your clients and employees while an unkempt office usually gives the opposite. As a species, we look down towards the floor more than in any other direction when walking for the simple reason that we prefer to remain erect for the duration of the trip. As a result, it’s quite easy to identify a stain on a carpet….repeatedly.

It is a documented fact that a clean office is a happy office. Happiness leads to better health and morale. This, in no indirect way, leads to better productivity. And a productive employee helps propel the company mission.  A clean carpet is a major, if not the most important, component of a clean office.

Maintain The Warranty

From a very economic perspective, a pragmatic benefit of carpet cleaning is the maintenance of the manufacturer’s warranty. Some carpet manufacturers and retailers as well require regular professional carpet cleaning to honor the warranty. The reason is fairly obvious but may be worth a short explanation.

As dust and dirt, along with other particulate matter build on the surface of the carpet, they tend to cause a greater amount of friction between the carpet fibers and the soles of the shoes. As your office staff takes their strides, they grind the dirt against the carpet. Regular vacuuming will certainly help to mitigate this damage but a vacuum cannot lift up ground in, stuck on dirt. For that you need…you guessed it…professional carpet cleaning.


To Sum Up The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

The benefits of carpeting in commercial spaces continue to encourage its use as a flooring option. Carpeting gives a more luxurious look as well as helps to maintain the room temperature and keep the noise level more bearable. Carpet is also kinder to the feet and knees because of the give.

With its extensive use, it’s important to understand the need for regular carpet cleaning and maintenance.  You want your expression of style to give the right impression. You want your office to be eye candy to your customers not an allergy alert for your staff. You want the carpet to match the drapes until you want a change.

To successfully meet your desired objectives contract a professional carpet cleaner to regularly renew your investment and secure the benefits of carpet cleaning for your business.

Author: Z Dharamsey

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