What Are The Benefits Of Green Cleaning?

Have you wondered why so many schools and offices, places of business, recreation and education have switched to Green Cleaning? What are the benefits of Green Cleaning? This is happening not just in Canada but across North America. The reasons for using Green cleaning as opposed to the traditional methods are many. But it typically comes down to two major reasons.


  1. Protecting your health
  2. Improving staff performance

    Green Cleaning Ideas


Several reports have been published over the past few years talking about the effect of using certain types of chemicals to clean especially the climate-controlled environments. Certain studies found that health and, resultantly, performance was affected in poorly cleaned and maintain buildings.  This effect was multiplied and buildings that were cleaned using traditional chemicals.


Studies conducted at reputable universities in North America found that when green cleaning materials and methodologies were implemented positive environmental results were achieved, in various percentages.


  1. Airborne dust particles declined.
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds declined.
  3. Bacteria declined.
  4. Fungi declined.


It was also found that staff attendance increased in significant percentages. The researchers also concluded that the staff morale improved. The above information may not, and probably does not, come as any surprise. A clean office is a happy office and one that’s productive. Extensive and expensive studies are not required to bring this fact to light.


The point being made here is that there is a need, an immediate need, to take advantage of the benefits of green cleaning methods from the traditional cleaning ones. But how do you do that?


Use A Lemon

How To Switch To Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is more important when it comes to indoor environments as it can affect the health and well-being of employees directly. There are many traditional cleaning materials made using ingredients that are harmful if inhaled or ingested in any way. At times, these materials are applied using trigger sprays, or worse, aerosol cans. This creates vapors which can immediately affect the indoor air quality, Specifically in the area where the product is being used. These products can cause respiratory irritation and, with repeated exposure, possibly a permanent condition. Certain people are more sensitive to these irritants.


This problem is not localized. The fumes can enter HVAC systems which will clearly spread throughout office affecting people in other areas. Some researchers have concluded that it is these chemicals that have resulted in the increased incidence of respiratory disorders, both temporary and permanent.


What Is The Method Of Green Cleaning?

A green cleaning product contains, for one thing, fewer ingredients. And those ingredients have been tested to be safer around people and animals. But it is not just the products, it is also the application of the product that’s important. Applying a spray, for example, directly onto cloth instead of spraying it on the surface of a desk will reduce the incidence of vapors becoming airborne. This is why it is important not just to use Green cleaning products but also to use a proper method of cleaning to increase the benefit from cleaning and reduce any possible negative impacts.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide


There is a clear shift across Canada and North America towards green cleaning products and methods. there are many clear benefits to green cleaning that do not require extensive or expensive studies to show the benefits. Employ the above methods in your day to day cleaning and maintenance. This will result in the positive effects of health and performance of a clean and well-maintained office as well as a reduction in any possible negative impacts of cleaning products.


Please let us have your comments, suggestions, and ideas on Green Cleaning and also let us know of other topics that interest you about Office and Commercial cleaning so that we can post tips and ideas about them.

Author: Z Dharamsey

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