How To Clean Your Drain The Right Way

How Not To Clean Your Drain | Sodium Hydroxide

So, how to clean your drain the right way? Let’s start with how to NOT do it. Chemical based drain cleaners are among the most toxic household cleaning supplies sitting under your kitchen sink and in your bathroom. The best thing to do is to avoid them…completely if possible.

Many of these drain openers contain Sodium Hydroxide (also known as lye and caustic soda). Sodium Hydroxide is highly


how to clean your drain


corrosive and can cause itchy and burning eyes. It is also a skin and lung respiratory irritant. It says so right on the label.

Long-term exposure in the air may lead to ulceration of the nasal passages and chronic skin irritation. You definitely want to stay away from that.


How To Clean Your Drain The Right Way

Prevention, as in many cases, is better than the cure. It is the key to keeping your drains clear.

Here are some quick helpful solutions that go a long way.

1. Use a drain basket or screen to keep hair and food scraps out in the first place. It’s a quick and cheap solution since 99 percent of the time your drain is clogged with these very items.
2. Never pour grease straight down the drain. It tends to coat the pipes on its way out and you will live to regret that.
3. You can use a plunger or a snake, which is the simple mechanical way to go.
4. Try the simple home remedy detailed below:


A simple home remedy: How clean your drain the right way

1. One cup of vinegar, white is preferable.
2. Half a cup of baking soda.

White Vinegar

3. About 5 cups of hot water.

Step 1: Sprinkle the baking soda down the drain. If you cannot get it down, then around is also acceptable.
Step 2: Pour the vinegar down the drain making sure it pours onto the baking soda.
Step 3: Feel better. Stand back and admire your handiwork. Watch it fizz for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Step 4: Pour the hot water to basically ‘chase’ the first two ingredients. Please take care not to burn yourself with the water or the steam.


The drain should be clear or at least clearer. You may need to repeat the steps for a really backed up drain.

This ‘recipe’ works best when used regularly, say on a monthly basis. For best results, clear the drain, washroom or kitchen, of off large bits of debris by hand.



Use Baking Soda


Please note that Sodium Hydroxide is an ingredient in other cleaning products like oven cleaners, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants and toilet-bowl cleaners

If you have any questions or ideas about alternate cleaning solutions, also known as home remedies, for the above areas in your home, please add your question or idea to the comments below.


Thank you for reading. For more helpful cleaning tips, please visit our blog. Also, let us know if there are any other tips and tricks you may be looking for to take care of stains, spills, and spots.

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