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Is your locker room smelly? Is your equipment sticky? Could your floors look better? If you raised your hand to any one of these, or scarily to all, then you need to look into professional gym cleaning services.


You Already Know This

Why do people go to a gym? Why do your members come to yours? Basically to get into shape, to get fit, yes? In other words, they come to gain the benefits of health. That begs the question, then, how healthy is your facility? The ‘moist’ environment in a gym is ideal if bacteria are what you want to grow. In case that’s not what you intended, and I am guessing that is not the reason you invested in a gym business, then you need to find a professional cleaning company that can help you keep the place looking and smelling clean.



Solidify Your Membership

I am sure you would agree, a clean gym can significantly differentiate itself from one that is not. Continuing memberships are your lifeblood and if members feel facility hygiene is not a significant concern for your business, it’s only a matter of time before they find one whose is. You certainly don’t want that, do you?

With the foot, and the ‘hand traffic’ you have going thru your successful business, you need specific kinds of disinfectants, materials, and gym cleaning services to make sure the ‘epidemic’ is not traced back to your location. Just kidding, but I am sure you understand the importance of point being made here.

Additionally, consider the impact of social media today. It takes a few, or even one, member to let loose their ‘feelings’ about the hygiene at your gym and you have a virtual storm to do ‘battle’ with. As a business owner, do you really need that? Isn’t running a successful business hard enough?


Gym Cleaning Services: The Solution

As solutions go, this one is simple. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Ensure that the equipment is disinfected daily. All the exercise equipment needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no ‘build up’ of body oils and sweat.
  2.  Make certain that all the floors are mopped daily.
  3. The lockers and benches are wiped down and disinfected, daily.
  4. Confirm that the air circulates well and the place smells fresh and inviting all day and not just in the morning. It doesn’t have to smell like a gym just because it is one.
  5. Check to see that all the washroom fittings and bright work are disinfected and mopped daily. Mopping is crucial as feet are more susceptible to germs… being so close to the ground, no pun intended.
  6. Make sure the entrance areas are clean as this is certainly the first impression of your gym.

…to be sure the list does go on but these are the broad strokes.

As I said, simple, right? Good solutions always are. I didn’t say easy, though, did I? Now, if the above list of ‘make sure’ tasks – in your hair pulling day – made you sit down, or sink lowers in your seat if you already were, then here is a much more hands-off and I dare say easier, solution.

Drum roll…


Hire A Professional Gym Cleaning Services Company

Here is what they can do for you:

  1. Make sure the floors are mopped in the washrooms, locker rooms and the exercise areas and rooms.
  2.  Vacuum the carpeted areas and the walk-off mats.
  3. Clean the windows, interior glass, and mirrors.
  4. Wipe down the lockers and benches
  5. Disinfect the washrooms – countertops, taps, sink, urinals, door handles, light switches.
  6. Remove smelly garbage and help you recycle.

You already know, the crucial areas to keep clean in a fitness center are the locker rooms, the equipment, and the washrooms. This is not to say that the other areas can be neglected but if these main areas are well attended to, your members might be a little forgiving if other areas are done with a different frequency.


Do You Have A Plan?

As a business owner, it is a given that you have a budget to adhere to in almost all aspects of the gym business and cleaning is no different. For this reason, make sure to hire gym cleaning services that understand just that. They need to be able to make a cleaning plan for the different areas in the gym and spell out what specific services they will be doing in each area. Then you have a plan and can make a checklist for each area – less confusion, more precision.


We Can Help You With Gym Cleaning Services

At Zusashi Cleaning Company, we are helping fitness center business owners like you put forward their best foot, a small pun intended. We have advised our clients how they can make the biggest impact within their cleaning budget. We start strong and stay strong by inspecting regularly. Our methods and simple – ask to understand and aim to help. Our team is skilled and we are real people with families just like our clients.

I trust this article on gym cleaning services has been helpful to you as a business owner. I love to write and would love to hear your comments. If I missed a point or two, please email me or comment below. It may help to make the article more comprehensive. Equally important, if there are other topics, tips, and tricks in the cleaning services space that you would like to know more about, it will be my pleasure to research and write about them. Kindly let me know.


Have yourself a peaceful day.

Author: Z Dharamsey

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