Cleaning With Vinegar

Most cleaning products, I am sure you will agree, are of two groups. Either they are extremely strong (that’s code for toxic) and therefore scary if you read any part of the label, or they are environmentally friendly and gentle (that’s code for expensive). Don’t get me wrong, most cleaning products on the market actually do the job. That is to say, they do clean but wouldn’t it be great if the cleaning product you used cleaned and was safe at the same time. The good news is, there is one. And, it’s most likely in your kitchen cabinet right now. Read on to discover how simple and easy cleaning with vinegar truly is.

The product is pure white vinegar. Vinegar is a form of acetic acid and forms through the fermentation of sugars and starches. As you probably know, it is edible and not harmful to human beings. What you may not know, is that it can be, and is being used, as a very effective cleaner.

Vinegar can be used as a cleaner in a variety of ways. This article points out the most common areas where this material can be used as an effective cleaner. Plain white vinegar is best for use as a cleaner. Other types of vinegar such as raw vinegar may have unwanted side effects.

Vinegar can be used in 100% concentration to clean. It is best, however, to have a spray bottle filled with pure vinegar and a second spray bottle with vinegar mixed with water in various concentrations as the situation may require.

Washrooms – Cleaning With Vinegar

  1. To remove corrosion or buildup in shower heads, soak the shower head in pure vinegar overnight. Rinse with water in Washrooms – Cleaning With Vinegar

    the morning. Sing loudly in the shower.

  2. You can remove stains from the toilet bowl by spraying the affected area with pure vinegar and scrubbing with a brush.
  3. Soap buildup from faucets and handles can be cleaned with a mixture of one part salt to 4 parts vinegar.
  4. Prevent mildew in the shower stall area by spraying shower walls and the curtain with vinegar. Your singing will sound much better.


Kitchen – Cleaning With Vinegar

  1. Remove odors from the sink or the garbage disposal by simply pouring in a cup of pure white vinegar. Wait at least an hour before rinsing.
  2. Kitchen – Cleaning With Vinegar

    Clean wooden cutting boards by simply wiping with vinegar.

  3. A clogged drain can be cleared by first pouring in half a cup of baking soda. Then add an equal amount of vinegar. The mixture will begin to bubble. When the mixture stops bubbling rinse with warm water. For more stubborn clogs, the process might need to be repeated.
  4. All kitchen surfaces like countertops, refrigerators doors, and even stovetops can be cleaned by simply spraying with pure vinegar and wiping with a cloth. This process also removes odors from the surfaces.
  5. You can use pure vinegar to remove coffee or tea stains from China and other utensils by cleaning them with a mixture of vinegar and salt.


For Laundry – Cleaning With Vinegar

  1. Use vinegar to remove stains from clothes such as coffee stains, chocolate, ketchup, and wine. Rub the affected area Laundry – Cleaning With Vinegar

    with vinegar and then wash.

  2. To remove the smell of smoke from clothing, add a cup of vinegar to a tub of hot water. Hang the affected clothing in the same room for a few hours.
  3. You can keep colors from running in the wash by soaking in vinegar before washing. You can even brighten up your clothes by adding a small amount of vinegar, about half a cup, to the rinse cycle.
  4. Clean the washing machine itself by running an empty cycle, no clothes, with one cup of vinegar added to the cycle.


General Uses – Cleaning With Vinegar

  1. To remove stickers from surfaces and furniture, spray the sticker and surrounding area with vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove happily. Whistle while you do it.
  2. For odors in a room, place a bowl of pure white vinegar in the room overnight. Smell room in the morning, without fear.
  3. Clean carpet stains by spraying the stain with a mixture of half water half vinegar. Let it sit for about three minutes, then wipe with a terry cloth or sponge. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Window cleaning takes a shine to vinegar. Spray the window with the mixture of half vinegar half water. Wipe clean with a cloth. Keep a clearer eye on the neighbors.


Feel Comfortable Cleaning With Vinegar

There are many other ways to use pure white vinegar for cleaning. The list is very long, if not endless, how vinegar mixed with salt or baking soda or even olive oil can be used to become a very effective cleaner. I trust the above information has been useful to you in using pure white vinegar to replace the harsh and expensive cleaning solutions with a safe alternative.

The most important thing is you can feel safe in using vinegar to clean and don’t have to worry about the ‘side effects’ of the cleaning products you are using around your loved ones.

Please feel free to share the above information, get the word out and help reduce the unnecessary amount of harsh and expensive cleaners commonly used today.

I would love to hear about your experiences in using pure white vinegar for cleaning as well as cutting-edge ideas for cleaning with vinegar not mentioned above.

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