What Is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is using the power of temperature and water instead of the reactive power of chemicals to clean.

I definitely recommend steam cleaning as it is “guilt-free”. It cleans well and you can use it anywhere as opposed to chemicals choices for which become stronger and stronger the less physical effort you desire to exert. And to be fair, some stains cannot be cleaned with the garden variety cleaning products available in consumer stores.

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Steam cleaners come in a variety of ‘strengths’ which means temperature and pressure. Not to forget is the duration a machine can clean before it needed to ‘recharge’ i.e. heat the water in its reservoir before you can press the trigger again.

I use steam cleaners ‘lavishly’ where I am very selective with the surfaces I use the toxic materials that are available in store due to the surfaces contact with people and pets.

Steam can go where a rag may not which is why the application of steam cleaners is of a wider range. Good and safe cleaning can also be achieved with Hydrogen Peroxide but that is for another conversation.


The Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

With steam cleaners, you won’t have to buy one spray for your counters, another for the mirrors and yet a third for the floor, etc, etc. I think you catch the drift.

steam cleaning

You can also feel safe using steam cleaning in any part of your home or office and in the presence of children and pets as there are no fumes and also no scents and smells they or you can be allergic to.


Much more can be said in the praises for this cleaning methodology which is safe for smaller close quarter spaces but I think the point has been made.

Go crazy, let off some steam cleaning!

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