Old-fashioned dusty grinding


high-technology dust-free concrete grinding.

Why is it important to hire a specialist? Because when it comes to concrete grinding and glue removal the equipment and the operating technicians vary widely in quality and efficiency and knowledge. 

Many installers have small grinders with no vacuum attachment. Some installers do not own their own concrete grinders.

If you have cracks in the concrete, due to poor workmanship, we can repair them permanently. 

Professional dust-free concrete grinding means you won’t be wasting your time cleaning up after the grinding is done.

Using the wrong blade for the job will result in higher cutting costs.

You do NOT  want your site to look like a disaster zone!!!

Fine concrete dust particles will get into the smallest areas – cabinets, millwork, closets, and furniture.

Industrial And Commercial Concrete Surface Prep

Dust free grinders have self-cleaning filters that allow for continuous grinding.

They keep the area clean and allow the job to be completed quicker due to continuous operation.

The typical grinder and shop vac combo cannot compete.

Also, large horsepower machines allow fast and efficient grinding and do not heat up like the smaller machines. The right type of cutting blade is also important.

To give you some idea, a 10-inch grinder is 20 times faster than a smaller 7-inch grinder. Having the right equipment means desired results.

The job will be completed quicker and will cost less.

What do you choose?

Save yourself a lot of unforeseen issues and unnecessary delays due to poor workmanship of concrete grinding and glue removal.

For your peace of mind here is the number to call 647 886 3599

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