Why Use Professional Cleaning Services in Vaughan?

It is almost pointless to discuss why a business should use professional cleaning services. But to be fair, it is important to illustrate clearly the advantages, as well as the disadvantages (and yes there are some), of using professional cleaning services in Vaughan.

Often times posts from cleaning companies tend to highlight advantages solely in the attempt to convince a potential customer. We hope this post can you come across as intended, i.e. a fair and objective assessment of hiring professional cleaning services. In this way, we would like to represent the customer’s point of view as well, and almost safe to say, for the first time.


The Advantages Of Using Professional Cleaning Services In Vaughan

A better, professional image

Professional Cleaning Services In Vaughan

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is crucial to the first impression your customers, business associates as well as employees receive when they step into the office. It clearly shows that the owners of the business are interested in putting an important element, hygiene, as a priority for their place of work…at par with the beautiful and functional decor.


Increased employee morale and lower absentee rates

We have all heard that car clean office is a happy office, but it is certainly worth repeating. A clean environment is inviting and safe and lends itself to fewer frowns at unknown crawling objects (UCOs) and more smiles around the office. Increased employee morale leads to better productivity which leads to better results for the company as well as for the employees and all the way to lower absentee rates a significant contributing factor to which is the pleasant atmosphere at work.


Lowers costs for the company as well as the employees

In terms of costs, a clean environment means fewer sick days and fewer benefit claims by the employees. This translates to lower health benefit Insurance costs for the company. In my opinion, equally important is the lower cost of laundry and dry cleaning for the employees as well as the owners. Fewer loads of laundry means more time with the family or watching the game. This also ties directly into greater overall satisfaction with the job.


Fewer accidents and reduced disaster recovery cost

Fewer Accidents

Fewer people slip on dry floors versus floors with spills. There is a lower probability off being poked by a pin or a nail that’s not there. I think you understand the point I making. Fewer accidents, detrimental and otherwise, result in carefully cleaned and maintained environments. Typically, the origin of disaster type accidents, like say flooding, is usually that one area or washroom of the office that is not frequented. That’s usually where the seal breaks or a pipe rusts or a dripping tap speeds up all the way to a stream. When each part of the workplace is attended to on a regular schedule these accidents reduce in number due to more frequent eyeballs




The Disadvantages Of Using Professional Cleaning Services In Vaughan

As promised above, here are some of the disadvantages of using professional cleaning services in Vaughan. To be fair, some of them results directly from the professionalism, or lack thereof, of cleaning companies in the York region while some of them are disadvantages due to the inherent nature of the relationship between a service provider and a customer.


Time spent in hiring a commercial cleaning company

Yes, it’s true. The survey is in. Cleaning companies should accept their contribution in promising a level of performance and not delivering. Or delivering in the initial period and then tapering off to complacency. Part of the problem is the level of competition in the GTA. To win the business, companies tend to overpromise services, schedules, and commitments that they almost know for sure that they cannot deliver on. They are then struggling, or maybe the right word is dodging, to keep the customer happy which a business owner knows is not a possibility when there has been a disconnect from the get-go.


Eventually, the respective commercial cleaning company loses the contract but in that endeavor tends to cement the negative

impression businesses have regarding cleaning companies. This means that now the customer has to look for, and the background check, another few cleaning companies to make their selection. Obviously, this means unproductive time and wasted effort on their part.

This also leads to the skeptical look a commercial cleaning company gets from the office manager when they walk thru the door to give them a quote.


Think About Security When Considering Professional Cleaning Services In Vaughan

An important consideration when hiring a professional cleaning company is that they will be given keys to almost all parts of the office including, but not limited to, the president’s office, in many cases. If you think about it, many Directors do not have keys to each other’s offices let alone the president’s office, But the janitor does. Many employees don’t have keys to the front door, and cannot show up to work when the office is closed even if they  need to retrieve something important from their desk, but the janitor does. He has keys to the front door and to a lot of doors.

Do you think, it is important for a business to not be changing cleaning companies frequently?


The Element Of Cost In Professional Cleaning Services In Vaughan

Among the top priorities for a business owner, is controlling or managing the costs of doing business. Depending on the office set up and the amount of traffic not to mention the way people ‘live’ at that office, determines the cost of a commercial cleaning service based on frequency and depth. At times, this cost can be significant and recurring whether a company is making profits or not. This is true, off many other recurring costs I agree. But for some reason, It seems like the first cost to be cut during ‘down’ times, is frequently the cleaning service. Which means that many businesses consider a cleaning service to be the least important of services contracted by the company.

Least important or not, it has to be contracted. That is why I put it in as a disadvantage.


What Should You Do? What’s The Alternative?

Get an employee to clean

You may have often seen store employees at the mall sweeping the floor just after closing. I have to tell you, from personal

experience, and from the experience of a few store employees I know personally, that is their least favorite part of the evening and it’s the part of the job they hate. When the sun goes down so to speak the catwalk divas turn from attractive store assets to cleaners. They have to clean the floor and, on a rotational basis, the washroom.

I do know, and I would do the same, the talent that ‘values’ themselves tends to prefer places of employment that have contracted cleaning services so that they will not be asked to do it. So, what kind of companies do you think have the best talent? And should you be asking an employee to clean when it’s not part of their job description?


Employ cleaning staff

The second option is to have in-house personnel maintain the premises. It can be a good idea depending on the volume of work, the expertise required and the equipment required. The larger business can afford to have permanent, in-house employees servicing the building because there is enough work for them to do to justify full-time employment. Also, they can buy the necessary equipment to make the job better not just quicker because there is a large volume of work that justifies the expense.

But if you don’t have a large premises, can you justify a full-time employee? Can a business justify the purchasing of equipment that costs hundreds or thousands and might only be used once a year? The equipment will suffer ‘decay’ quicker as rubber components such as seals and belts will wear down quicker when sitting around compared to when they are in motion.

Additionally, say you do have enough work for one employee who is a permanent cleaning staff. What happens during his vacation and sick days? Who else can take on his work and run the floor scrubber for the two days he is down with the flu? Can anybody do it? Does anybody want to do it?


To Sum It All Up

I truly hope that through this article I have been able to represent both sides of the issue effectively. A teacher once told me that a good book is not one that gives you all the answers but one that gets you thinking. Having said that, the intention was not to create a faux pas but to present both sides in the attempt to be fair to the commercial cleaning companies and to the customers that value cleaning services.

I look forward to your comments. Please let me know what you liked or did not like about the article and what are some of the topics you would like more information on. If you liked this article, please subscribe to my blog.

Author: Z Dharamsey

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