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Carpet Cleaning Services


The beauty and life of your carpet is dependent, in no small way, on how well you take care of it. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can truly extend the life of your carpet and have you looking beautiful and brilliant to all your visitors.

Proper carpet cleaning services also improve the indoor air quality and help to maintain the carpet warranty. Regular vacuuming and using runners will prevent dirt and grime from entering and sticking to the carpet fibers. Removing shoes also help to reduce the friction between the soles and dust particles but nothing helps to give your carpet a happy long life as regular professional carpet cleaning services.

How do our carpet cleaning services stack up?

We are dedicated to cleaning and maintaining your carpets. Essentially, carpets are often the first thing your visitors notice as they come in. Routine cleaning will help to create a positive image. While the aesthetic appeal is important, but it is equally important to ensure that your carpets are free of dust mites, allergens etc.

We use industry approved chemicals and the right water temperature (a key component in carpet cleaning) to loosen the unwanted from your carpet fibers. For tougher spots and stains we use a very ugly but very powerful agitator that removes the unsightly.

The powerful suction from our truck mount equipment makes sure your carpets are dry in a couple of hours.

We use the Full Steam Extraction Method for our carpet cleaning services.

Which means we:

  1. Pretreat/spray the carpet.
  2. Agitate/scrub the fibers to loosen the debris, odor, and spots.
  3. Then use the ‘magic wand’ to spray steam and simultaneously suction up the chemical, dirt, and moisture from the carpet.

Please watch our video on youtube.

Why choose us for professional carpet cleaning services?


  1. We use top of the line industry standard equipment. Our truck mount machines have the required water temperature and suction to loosen the dirt from carpet fibers and whisk it away. We use a commercial agitator to shake lose the dirt safely and effectively from your carpet.
  2. We only use the best and safest industry approved chemicals that ensure the best result but not at the risk of your health or our planets. You are encouraged to be present when we are working to see how we remove allergens, dust, odor and dirt from your carpets.
  3. We understand you are busy with work and life and are flexible to your schedules as much as is possible. During the busy parts of the year, especially before the holidays, we do request your understanding for a little bit of notice so that we can service our commitment to you with best results.
  4. Price is what you pay and value is what you get. You have a budget and we try to work within it to make sure we can deliver a smile to your face. We are not the cheapest and we don’t try to be. Our prices are very competitive and if its good quality results you prefer then we are your go-to choice for carpet cleaning services.


We will provide you referrals from very happy customers for whom we do regular carpet cleaning services and who continue to provide us regular referrals of their associates and friends.

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